Super Butter Noodles with Parmesan Cheese and Chives Recipe

Rebecca Brand makes Pasta with Butter, Parmesan Cheese and chives for a buttered noodle dish that’s rich and super easy! Use this Buttered noodle dish for Stroganoff, a bed of pasta for meat sauce, bolognese, turkey a la King, alfredo, cream sauce, any sauce because it will stay as a non stick base if you want to add a great extra sauce on top. This will stay in a crock pot at your dinner party until people dish it up under their sauces. Kids love this dish because it’s very simple, leave out the chives for your picky eater. This was a standard in my house for my middle son, Clayton. We would order this in restaurants too because he was against all parsley or tomatoes. We would ask for a side of peas with butter noodles, plain, no parsley. That’s a whole other story! Hope you like this recipe, it’s so basic and is a great choice when you are wanting simple and delicious.


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