Simple Tuna Pasta Easy and Delicious – Philips VIVA pasta and noodle maker HR2342

This pasta recipe is so simple and delicious and is the definition of quick Italian cooking. A simple pan fried sauce with garlic, chilli (optional), tomatoes and capers tossed through flaked tuna and perfectly al dente pasta. Top with dressed rocket leaves and enjoy.

This really is the perfect dinner – ready in minutes and full of flavour.

Thank you Philips for sending this design award winning unit.

The pasta was made using the new Philips VIVA Collection Pasta and noodle maker compact model in white. HR2342/06.

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Fresh, quick pasta the way you like it. Add ingredients and it automatically does the rest

Compact size: It has seamless and compact design. You can easily keep it on the coutertop or store it in the cabinet without occupying a lot space.

Integrated storage drawer: for shaping discs and power cordIntegrated storage drawer for shaping discs and power cord It has smart built-in storage for shaping discs and power cord so that you can alway keep your kitchen tidy and neat.

3 classic pasta types: including speghetti, penne, fetuccine3 classic pasta types including speghetti, penne, fetuccine To create your favorite pasta shapes, simply attach one of the pasta shaping discs to the pasta maker. With the machine there are 3 default classic shaping discs for Spaghetti, Penne and Fettuccini

Free recipe book: full of inspiring ideasFree recipe book full of inspiring ideas Accompanying the machine there is a recipe book created by culinary experts, giving inspiration for fresh homemade and delicious pasta and noodles.

Detachable parts: for easy assembly and cleaning

Detachable parts for easy assembly and cleaning The detachable components of the Philips Viva Pasta & Noodle Maker can be easily installed, dismantled and cleaned.