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Easy Papdi Sabzi or Indian Flat Beans Recipe


  • * 300 gm papdi (indian flat bean horse bean)
  • * 3 tbsp ghee (clarified butter) / oil
  • * 2 medium sized onion chopped
  • * 2 to 3 green chilie chopped
  • * 1/2 cup grated fresh coconut or 3 tbsp dessicated coconut mixed
  • in 3 tbsp hot water
  • * a pinch of turmeric (haldi)


  1. Take a pan/vessel/wok add ghee Or oil. Place it on low heat. Once oil is hot add chopped onion along with green chilies. Saute for 2 mins on low flame.
  2. Put turmeric and mix.
  3. Add the chopped papdi / beans. Combine all well. Now cover with a lid/ metal plate filled with water. Allow to cook for 5 mins. In between keep stirring.
  4. It’s time to add grated coconut Or desiccated coconut mixed in hot water. Stir all nicely. Again cover with a pan Or metal plate filled with water. Let this cook for another 5 to 7 mins.
  5. Now stir again and cook for another 3 to 4 mins without covering.
  6. Just check if the beans are tender. For seasoning add salt. Your Indian Flat Beans are ready. Serve hot with roti Or bread.

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