honey cake recipe | हनी केक रेसिपी | how to make eggless bakery style honey cake

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honey cake recipe | how to make eggless bakery style honey cake with detailed photo and video recipe. easy and simple cake recipe prepared very similar to sponge or vanilla cake but with a honey and strawberry jam icing. the honey flavoured cake is hugely popular in south india and is generally served as a condiment slice in iyengar bakery’s. these slices of honey cake can be ideal for any occasions and can be an instant hit with kids.

honey cake recipe | how to make eggless bakery style honey cake with step by step photo and video recipe. there are several variations of this popular honey flavoured cake recipe which not only varies from india, but also overseas. in this recipe, i have tried to showcase the south indian variation especially sold on local bakery shops as slices. i have followed my previous tutti frutti cake base with honey, strawberry jam and desiccated topping.